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About the Project

Interested in learning more about the project?

Do you enjoy the quiet escapes of the great outdoors far more than a good hike or a visit to a local green space can provide?

Would you prefer to power your home from the energy of the sun, the wind, or water?

These are just a few of the reasons this project and blog came to be!

about the project

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Stepping Off The Grid is an online exploration of off-grid homes, solar power solutions, remote living tips, supplies, tools, gadgets, and gear. This project, website, and soon-to-be YouTube channel are percolated and produced from a hidden valley, located deep in the interior mountains of British Columbia, Canada.


to learn, educate and inspire other wildly spirited individuals (and their families) about the endless benefits and potential hardships that come along with stepping… and living off-the-grid.

It’s an online exploration… part virtual adventure… a digital discovery…

of all things, living off-the-grid!

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more about the project…

it’s a place to learn, explore, shop, and share ideas!

Follow along for news, tips, and products to help you not only survive but thrive, living off-the-grid.

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